10 Best Web Browsers to Use in 2023 (2023)

    Although there are many web browsers in the market, you might use only one - or maybe two - web browsers to surf the internet. There are several browsers that come with fascinating features.

    Moreover, all operating systems come with a specific built-in browser. For example, with Windows, you get a pre-installed Microsoft Edge, and Safari is the default browser in macOS.

    The main objective of a browser is to provide an intuitive and productive user interface so the user can surf the internet with ease. Various web browsers flaunt multiple features, but most of them are of no use to a common user.

    There are many aspects associated with a web browser, and the right web browser can elevate the experience of web surfing. Also, the web browser also affects the internet speed. Plugins facilitate adding special features to desktop web browsers. Mobile browsers, however, do not support plugins.

    Here in this article, we have summed up the ten best web browsers to use in 2023. But before that, let's know a little more about them.

    What is a Web Browser?

    We all use a web browser when we want to visit a website. Informally, we can say that a browser is an application that provides a user interface so we can communicate with the internet, but this definition is incorrect in technicality.

    The technical definition says, “A web browser is a software that is used to execute HTML, JavaScript , and CSS files.” When a user requests a webpage using the Internet, the server acknowledges the request and sends back the HTML file, and the browser executes that HTML file so the user can see the content.

    The Need for VPN

    While you browse or surf the internet, there are great chances that some other people are spying on your online activities with malicious intent, such as gaining access to your system, stealing your private information, etc. This is where the role of VPN comes into play.

    VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It helps you hide your browsing activities and stay safe against potential attacks. VPN emphasizes two aspects, namely privacy, and security. It helps you protect your data, stay private while surfing the internet, and hide your IP address when connected over public Wi-Fi .

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    How Should You Should a Web Browser?

    Besides the basic function of web browsers, i.e., retrieving the desired data from web servers and displaying it to users, every web browser has other different features. But how to choose a web browser? While choosing a web browser, make sure you mark a check for all the following five basic elements:

    • Speed

    The major factor to consider is speed. Choose a browser that won't compromise the page load speed and does not slow down when you use in-browser apps. Also, it must have a small memory footprint so that it doesn't impact the performance of other software running on your system.

    • Security and Privacy

    Your browser should be able to establish a secure connection to websites or web pages. It should be capable of blocking malicious advertisements, crypto miners, and cross-site trackers. In addition, it should provide you with tools to block and delete cookies and secure passwords.

    • Customization

    Make sure your browser supports customization, i.e., it lets you add a personal touch. Many browsers provide numerous themes to choose from. Also, they let you edit the home page as per your preferences.

    • Easy Navigation

    You will definitely choose a browser that provides easy navigation. Even new users should be able to use your browser with ease. This means that your browser should have settings just a click away, and bookmarks should be easy to save.

    • Compatibility

    Check whether the browser you have chosen complies with the latest internet standards, such as HTML5 and WebGL. Another compatibility of your browser to check is with different operating systems. Make sure it works well on all major operating systems.

    Best Web Browsers to Use in 2023

    Here is our list of the best web browsers that you can consider using:

    1. Google Chrome
    2. Mozilla Firefox
    3. Opera
    4. Microsoft Edge
    5. Safari
    6. Vivaldi
    7. Brave
    8. Aloha-For Mobiles
    9. UC Browser
    10. Maxthon Cloud Browser

    Let us discuss each of these web browsers in detail below.

    Comparison of the Best Web Browsers

    Browser Name Best For Number of Languages Supported Supported Operating System Price
    Google Chrome Easy and quick web browsing 47
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • macOS
    • Android
    • iOS
    • Chrome OS
    Mozilla Firefox Everyone who wants a secure web browser 97
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • macOS
    • Andriod
    • iOS
    Opera Social media users 42
    • Windows
    • macOS
    • Linux
    • Android
    • iOS
    Microsoft Edge Online shopping 96 on Windows and 91 on macOS
    • Windows
    • macOS
    • Android
    • Xbox One and Xbox Series
    • iOS
    Safari People who are more worried about privacy and security 40+
    • macOS
    • iOS
    • iPad OS

    1. Google Chrome

    Best All Rounder

    10 Best Web Browsers to Use in 2023 (1)

    In 2009, Google released its first web browser Google Chrome or, simply, Chrome, and soon it overtook all the other famous and popular web browsers. The main assets of Google Chrome are its simplicity and clean interface. Now, Chrome has become the most used web browser.

    After its release, it gave a run for money to Internet Explorer - which was the leading web browser at that time - and there was no doubt that Chrome was far better than Explorer. Chrome provides many features, such as bookmarks, extensions, themes, and incognito mode.

    However, the major problem with Chrome is that it overeats RAM, and in low-end systems, it takes too much time to boot up. Another reason for Chrome's popularity is backing from Google. The tech mogul directly supports Chrome, and with regular updates, it has become the leading web browser.

    Google has introduced the feature of Tab Freezing. This feature states that all the background tabs in Google Chrome automatically freeze and do not consume resources without any requirements. Still, the browser tends to be resource-hungry.

    Best of Google Chrome

    • It can load Google services very fast, thanks to its close-knit integration with the same.
    • It has a huge extension community support.
    • Chrome is available for most devices and platforms.
    • Voice search option
    • Saves your internet data while browsing.
    • It can translate the text written in one language into another language, as it supports 47 different languages.
    • The browser synchronizes all your data, such as browsing history, bookmarks, etc., across all your devices.

    Worst of Google Chrome

    • Its incognito mode only hides the browser history.
    • Consumes too much RAM.
    • Takes too much time to boot on low-end systems.

    2. Mozilla Firefox

    Best for Privacy Protection and Power Users

    10 Best Web Browsers to Use in 2023 (2)

    Firefox also provides a simple interface like Google Chrome but comes with better recommendations, tab management, and task manager features. Though the old versions of Firefox were slow, the newer versions are faster.

    The only reason why Chrome was able to overtake Firefox was the speed of loading web pages, but now Firefox gives a head-to-head fight to Chrome in the speed test. If we compare the two leading web browsers in terms of incognito mode, then Firefox comes out on top with a faster page loading speed.

    Currently, Firefox holds the third rank in the global market share of web browsers; Google Chrome and Safari are the first and second rank holders, respectively.

    The browser has introduced a brand new feature that lets you browse securely without being tracked or spied on. This feature protects you from supercookies that track your activities and data and stay hidden in the browser.

    Best of Mozilla Firefox

    • Its Incognito mode is faster than that in Chrome.
    • Firefox provides more privacy than most web browsers, including Google Chrome.
    • It is considered the best browser for Windows 10.

    Worst of Mozilla Firefox

    • It doesn't offer good compatibility with mobile devices.
    • Although it supports a plugin system, it is less extensive than that in Chrome.

    3. Opera Browser

    Best for Collecting Content

    10 Best Web Browsers to Use in 2023 (3)

    Opera is one of the oldest web browsers, and even Java mobiles support it. With the introduction of Android and Google Chrome, Opera lost its popularity. There was a time when Opera was considered one of the best web browsers for mobile devices. Yet, with regular updates and some extra features, Opera is improving its position in the web browser market. It has improved a lot in recent years, and now, it caters to the need of users, from students to gamers.

    This web browser offers many useful features, such as data compression and battery saver mode. It also provides built-in VPN features, so you do not need to install other software for a VPN service. However, the VPN functionality can slow down the page loading speed.

    Like Chrome, Opera also provides the cross-device sync feature that helps to sync all your Opera browser activity across devices. Moreover, the browser has many editions, namely Opera Mini, Opera web browser, and Opera Turbo. All of them are free.

    Best of Opera

    • We can install the Chrome extension on it.
    • It supports cross-device sync.
    • It comes with a built-in screenshot tool called snapshot.
    • There are built-in ad blockers.
    • It comes with a battery-saving mode.

    Worst of Opera

    • Its VPN feature is very slow and supports only a few countries.
    • Provides unnecessary features.

    4. Microsoft Edge

    Best for Online Shopping and Privacy

    10 Best Web Browsers to Use in 2023 (4)

    After the dwindling popularity of Internet Explorer, Microsoft released a new web browser in 2015 and named it Microsoft Edge. Initially, it was released for Windows 7 and 8, but now every popular operating system supports this web browser.

    Many people recommend Edge as the best web browser for Windows 10. Though the user interface of Edge is better than Internet Explorer, it is not that much good as Chrome. Nonetheless, one of the interesting features of Edge is the built-in PDF reader, which is better than any PDF reader offered by other web browsers.

    Edge provides a unique feature of web capture that allows us to take a screenshot of the opened web page. It also supports the device sync feature, which can share the browser History, Bookmark, cookies, password, and other data across different devices that have the same Edge ID login. This means you can access your Edge browser data on your mobile device that you have on your computer.

    Another interesting feature of Edge is that it helps you shop online by letting you compare the pricing of products from different websites. Also, it provides some coupons that you can avail of while shopping.

    Best of Microsoft Edge

    • It provides built-in support for Cortana integration.
    • It can sync the browser history and bookmarks with other devices.
    • Edge supports a variety of extensions, and you can customize the browser as per your needs.
    • It supports the feature of tracking prevention.

    Worst of Microsoft Edge

    • It offers slow loading of embedded videos.
    • Edge consumes too much RAM.

    5. Safari

    Best For Privacy and Security Concerns

    10 Best Web Browsers to Use in 2023 (5)

    It is the best web browser, but it is only available for the Apple operating systems. Safari was the first web browser that was capable of running web applications on mobile devices. It is a simple, fast, and a little bit customizable web browser.Moreover, it supports Chrome extensions, easy translations, and tab previews.

    If you are an Apple user, you do not need any browser other than Safari. It is best for all Apple devices. Upon its release on 7th Jan 2003, Safari set some new standards for the web browser market.

    Best of Safari

    • Safari is a very fast web browser.
    • It provides a sync feature with all Apple devices.
    • It consumes less memory.
    • Safari provides support for a lot of extensions.

    Worst of Safari

    • It is only available for Apple operating systems.

    6. Vivaldi

    Best for Multitasking

    10 Best Web Browsers to Use in 2023 (6)

    • Supported Platforms : Windows, Linux, and Android
    • Price : Free
    • Download URL : vivaldi.com

    It was developed in 2016 by Vivaldi Technologies, a company founded by the co-founder of Opera. With its interface alone, you can tell that it is somehow related to the Opera browser.

    The main idea of building Vivaldi is to make a browser that can be an extension of Opera so that Opera users can move to this browser. Vivaldi is very much similar to Opera. As it is Chromium-based, we can install almost all Chrome extensions in it.

    One of the best appealing aspects of Vivaldi is it provides users with the flexibility to customize the browser's look and functionality to the extent that other browsers do not. Firstly, it lets you change the color of the UI anytime. Next, you can move the toolbar anywhere and pin web pages to the side for parallel browsing.

    Best of Vivaldi

    • It provides many customization options.
    • Vivaldi provides support for Google Chrome extensions.
    • You can add any website to the toolbar.
    • It supports viewing multiple pages at once without switching the tab.
    • Comes with a built-in ad blocker and tracking blocker.

    Worst of Vivaldi

    • It is not available for Apple devices.
    • It is very much similar to opera.
    • Vivaldi has some features that are useless for the common user.

    7. Brave

    Best Secure and Fast Web Browser

    10 Best Web Browsers to Use in 2023 (7)

    It is considered one of the most secure web browsers. Brave comes with some interesting features, such as a built-in ad-blocker and website tracker blocker. These features make it among the most secure browsers. It also has an inbuilt VPN and a cryptocurrency of its own called BAT (Basic Attention Token) . It comes with a feature of a crypto wallet that helps to store BAT cryptocurrencies.

    Brave supports enabling the HTTPS option anywhere to prevent browser fingerprinting. So, if you are someone who is more concerned about online privacy, the features of Brave make it a perfect browser for you. In addition, the security feature facilitates the speed of page load.

    Best of Brave

    • It focuses on user privacy.
    • Brave is easy to use.
    • It is supported by all major operating systems.
    • It supports Tor-enabled browsing.

    Worst of Brave

    • It automatically removes ads, which can affect the revenue of many websites.
    • Brave's page loading speed is slow.

    8. Aloha-For Mobiles

    Best VPN Browser for Mobile Phones

    10 Best Web Browsers to Use in 2023 (8)

    This web browser is only designed for mobile devices, i.e., it is only available for Android and iOS. Aloha-For Mobiles comes with a built-in VPN and incognito mode, which are very fast as compared to other mobile web browsers. Both these features provide a high level of security and privacy. The VPN feature of Aloha can compress data, so the browser consumes less data while surfing the web.

    Another best feature of Aloha is that it compresses traffic so that you requires less data while browsing. Many mobile web browsers do not provide a theme feature, but this is not the case in Aloha. Here, you get to choose among a vibrant set of free themes.

    Best of Aloha

    • It has an integrated VPN feature.
    • Aloha compresses data to reduce data usage.
    • It comes with a built-in ad blocker.

    Worst of Aloha

    • It contains ads.
    • To remove ads from Aloha, the user has to pay for a premium upgrade.

    9. UC Browser

    Fast Page Loading Browser

    10 Best Web Browsers to Use in 2023 (9)

    This is one of the oldest web browsers, and it is Google Chrome in China. There was a time when UC Browser was among the top 3 web browsers. Even the old Java mobile devices provided support for UC Browser.

    Like other web browsers, UC Browser also gives basic browsing features, such as a built-in password manager and cloud sync capabilities with other devices. It is owned by the Alibaba Group, and in many Asian countries, it is more popular than Chrome.

    In China, people use UC Browser more than Chrome because, in many regions of China, Google Chrome is banned.

    Best of UC Browser

    • It is a very fast web browser.
    • It has a built-in VPN feature.
    • UC Browser is one of the best browsers for mobile devices.

    Worst of UC Browser

    • It does not have many extensions.
    • It is not an ideal choice for desktop web browsing.

    10. Maxthon Cloud Browser

    Best For All Users

    10 Best Web Browsers to Use in 2023 (10)

    • Supported Platforms : Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, Windows Phone, and iOS
    • Price : Free
    • Download URL : https://www.maxthon.com/

    This browser was released in 2002, and it is one of the oldest cloud-based web browsers. Initially, it was only released for Windows but later was made available for almost every popular operating system. It was developed by a Chinese company called Maxthon Ltd.

    Maxthon Cloud Browser contains many features such as tools to capture videos from web pages, built-in Adblock Plus, night mode, screenshot tool, email client, password manager, and note-taking tool.

    Best of Maxthon

    • It provides some additional tools like a notepad and calculator.
    • It is the best alternative for Firefox.

    Worst of Maxthon

    • It is based on the old version of Chromium.
    • It does not contain any extensions.


    Here we have mentioned the top 10 web browsers to use in 2023. Before you download any of these, make sure that it’s supported by your operating system. The features of the same web browser vary based on the operating system. For example, the desktop version of many web browsers supports extensions and themes, but the same is not available in the mobile versions.

    If you have any suggestions related to this article, leave your feedback in the comments section.

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    10 Best Web Browsers to Use in 2023? ›

    In conclusion, the top browsers of 2023 are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. Each browser has its own unique set of features and capabilities, and the best browser for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

    Which browser should I use in 2023? ›

    In conclusion, the top browsers of 2023 are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari. Each browser has its own unique set of features and capabilities, and the best browser for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences.

    Which is the fastest browser in 2023? ›

    Speed: Chrome is rated as the fastest browser by benchmark tests. Extensions: Google Chrome has the most extensive library of extensions of all other browsers. Support and updates: Google releases patches days or even hours after discovering browser vulnerabilities.

    What is the #1 best browser? ›

    As of February 2023, Google's Chrome is the leading internet browser in the world with a global market share of 65.74%. In other words, more than six in ten people use Chrome to browse the internet.

    What are the three most commonly used browsers 2023? ›

    Which are the top browsers in 2023? Google Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge currently lead the ranking, but there are many other browsers among which users can choose. In this article we have collected the current top browsers, together with a comparison of their main features and tools.

    Which is safest browser? ›

    Secure Browsers
    • Firefox. Firefox is a robust browser when it comes to both privacy and security. ...
    • Google Chrome. Google Chrome is a very intuitive internet browser. ...
    • Chromium. Google Chromium is the open-source version of Google Chrome for people who want more control over their browser. ...
    • Brave. ...
    • Tor.

    Which browser is going to stop? ›

    As per the company notification, Internet Explorer will be rendered inoperable from June 15, 2022. “We are announcing that the future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge.

    What is the fastest and strongest browser? ›

    Which web browsers are the fastest?
    2ndMicrosoft EdgeMicrosoft Edge
    1 more row
    Dec 14, 2022

    Which is the fastest and safest browser? ›

    Top 13 most secure browsers for your privacy in 2023
    • Microsoft Edge.
    • Opera.
    • Chrome.
    • Chromium.
    • Safari.
    • Puffin.
    • FreeNet.
    • Vivaldi.
    Jan 2, 2023

    Is Edge better than Chrome? ›


    It's hard to pin down how accurate this exact stat is, but plenty of users around the web have run their own tests and come to the same conclusion: Edge is faster than Chrome. For example, Avast tested many browsers and found Edge to run faster than Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi.

    What is the #1 most used browser in the US? ›

    United States Browsers Market Share
    • Chrome48.13%
    • Safari41.27%
    • Edge6.32%
    • Firefox2.22%
    • Samsung Internet1.10%
    • Other0.97%

    Is Firefox going away? ›

    Firefox is still very much alive and well as Mozilla has no plans to stop development of their web browsers for desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) and mobile versions for iOS and Android. Firefox has been their main product.

    Which browsers are outdated? ›

    Pages in category "Discontinued web browsers"
    • Agora (web browser)
    • AirMosaic.
    • Amaya (web editor)
    • AmiZilla.
    • AMosaic.
    • AMSD Ariadna.
    • AOL Explorer.
    • AOLpress.

    Should I have 3 browsers? ›

    Benefits of Using Multiple Web Browsers. Using more than one browser on the same computer helps you stay logged in to sites with multiple accounts. You can check how a website works in different browsers and take advantage of each browser's extensions.

    Is it OK to have 3 browsers? ›

    Is it safe to run multiple browsers at the same time? Yes. All browsers act independently, allowing you to run multiple browsers at the same time. The only issue you may experience is browsers "fighting" over which should be the default.

    What is the top unsafe browser? ›

    Worst Browsers for Privacy
    • Google Chrome.
    • Yandex Browser.
    • Microsoft Edge.
    • Baidu.
    • Apple Safari.
    Jan 26, 2023

    Which browser is least vulnerable? ›

    Apple's Safari browser has emerged as the world's second most popular desktop browser and the least vulnerable one too, according to web analytics firm StatCounter. Google Chrome is the most vulnerable web browser, with 303 reported security flaws.

    What browser does Apple recommend? ›

    Safari is the best way to experience the internet on all your Apple devices.

    Which browser prevents viruses? ›

    Google Chrome

    The safe browsing features warn users when they run into phishing or malware sites. This browser is optimized for multiple devices.

    What will replace Chrome browser? ›

    Best Google Chrome Alternatives You Can Use (2023)
    • Microsoft Edge.
    • Mozilla Firefox.
    • Brave Browser.
    • Safari.
    • Tor Browser.
    • Opera.
    • Vivaldi.
    • Arc from The Browser Company.
    Mar 31, 2023

    What will replace Microsoft Edge? ›

    Microsoft Edge Alternatives
    • Vivaldi Browser.
    • Avast Secure Browser.
    • Safari.
    • Focos.
    • Wavebox.

    Which browser uses the least resources? ›

    Those with limited memory can choose Chrome.

    What is the fastest browser for old computers? ›

    10 Best Browsers For Old, Slow PCs
    • Pale Moon. ...
    • Maxthon 5. ...
    • firefox. ...
    • SeaMonkey. ...
    • Lunascape. ...
    • Slim Browser. ...
    • Comodo IceDragon. Comodo IceDragon is one of the fastest, most secure, and feature-rich web browsers you can use on a Windows PC. ...
    • UR Browser. it's the last web browser on the list that doesn't strain your computer resources.

    Which is better Firefox or Chrome? ›

    Performance: Chrome. Both browsers are fast, but Chrome is less resource-hungry while maintaining speed. Privacy: Firefox. Right out of the box, Firefox does a tremendous job protecting your privacy.

    Which browser is best than Chrome? ›

    Top 10 Alternatives to Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox.
    • Brave.
    • Microsoft Edge.
    • Internet Explorer.
    • Apple Safari.
    • Opera.
    • Chromium.
    • Iron.

    Which is safer Chrome or Safari? ›

    While Chrome has a slight edge when it comes to keeping abreast of security threats, Safari has a much better track record of being more transparent than Google when it comes to a private browsing experience. Verdict: When it comes to user privacy, Safari wins hands-down.

    What are the disadvantages of Microsoft Edge? ›

    What Are the Disadvantages of Using Microsoft Edge? Privacy is its biggest disadvantage. Microsoft collects a lot of data on its users through the browser itself, Bing, and through Windows hardware. Edge allows users to opt out of some data collection, but not all.

    What percentage of people use Microsoft Edge? ›

    BrowsersPercentage Market Share
    Browser Market Share Worldwide - May 2023
    3 more rows

    Is it worth switching from Chrome to Edge? ›

    - Edge has more features (good PDF reader, startup boost, better integration with Windows, Vertical Tabs, Collections etc.) One downside about Edge is that it's getting a little bit bloated - especially when the user does not customize it at all (fresh install).

    What are the top 3 most used web browsers? ›

    Top Browsers Market Share
    • Chrome62.74%
    • Safari24.12%
    • Edge5.10%
    • Firefox2.53%
    • Samsung Internet2.33%
    • Other3.18%

    What percentage of Americans use Chrome? ›

    BrowsersPercentage Market Share
    Browser Market Share in United States Of America - May 2023
    3 more rows

    What are the two most popular browsers to use internet? ›

    A web browser is a software application for visualizing websites, documents and data. The most popular current browsers are Google Chrome, Apple's Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.

    Which browser is the best why? ›

    The best web browsers for 2023
    • Google Chrome 88.
    • Mozilla Firefox 85 Mozilla Firefox 85.
    • Opera 74.
    Jan 23, 2023

    What is the best browser that doesn't eat RAM? ›

    What browser uses the least RAM? New competitors have entered the game this last year, and in 2023, there are more candidates for the most resource-efficient browser than ever. The data, however, shows that Edge continues to defy expectations by being the least resource-hungry.

    What will replace Firefox? ›

    Top 10 Alternatives & Competitors to Mozilla Firefox
    • Chrome. (1,439)4.7 out of 5.
    • Brave. (405)4.6 out of 5.
    • Internet Explorer. (264)2.8 out of 5.
    • Opera. (143)4.2 out of 5.
    • Microsoft Edge. (285)4.2 out of 5.
    • Apple Safari. (257)4.0 out of 5.
    • Chromium. (47)4.5 out of 5.
    • Iron. (2)4.8 out of 5.

    Why is Firefox blocking Google? ›

    This is usually caused by some malware or otherwise a connection issue where Firefox doesn't see the Google certificate, but another certificate. You can check that by inspecting the certificate via "View Certificate". You can check the connection settings.

    Why is Firefox losing popularity? ›

    Bad Memory Optimization. Those that didn't care as much for Firefox's design or missing features, gave up on the browser for a much faster alternative. For quite some time, Mozilla faced a barrage of complaints from users who noticed that Firefox was using too much RAM memory, essentially slowing down their computers.

    Which web browser has been shut down after 27 years? ›

    Microsoft has announced that the company's oldest browser, Internet Explorer, would be out of operation tomorrow, June 15, 2022, after 27 years of operation.

    What is the fastest browser? ›

    Google Chrome is the fastest web browser and by far the most popular, with the largest market share. CCleaner Browser is a free secure browser that runs on Chromium so looks and feels the same as if you were using Chrome, only with extra privacy and security features. Which browser is safe for online banking?

    Does having two browsers slow down your computer? ›

    Having too many browser tabs open can make you less productive, slow down your computer, and make it harder to concentrate. There's hope for people who struggle with tab overload.

    Can you have two browsers on the same computer? ›

    All the browsers that you use on your computer have their own settings, including cookies (login states), browser extensions, bookmarks, and history of all the sites you have visited in the past. All you need to do to run multiple browsers simultaneously is to add all the browsers you want to your taskbar.

    Do browsers use a lot of RAM? ›

    Web browsers can sometimes consume shockingly large amounts of memory, and it's not uncommon for a browser to use multiple gigabytes of RAM. While this isn't an issue for all organizations, high RAM usage can present issues for end users from a compute resources and productivity perspective.

    Is it safe to use old browser? ›

    Older web browsers have much less security than the newest. Because of this you're more likely to have hackers gain access to your system, download viruses and malware and even get hold of your credit card details if your browser is outdated.

    Can I have both Google and Google Chrome? ›

    You can search from Chrome browser so, in theory, you don't need a separate app for Google Search. However, the Google App has more functionality than just searching and, in any case, I don't believe it can be deleted. Google Chrome is a web browser.

    What if my browser is outdated? ›

    Most browsers update automatically by default, but if your browser is out of date for any reason, you can manually update it by doing the following: Open your browser menu. Find your browser's About page and select it. Click the update button.

    When should you update your browser? ›

    You Should Update Your Browser for a Better Experience. If you've been experiencing slow internet speeds, your connection may not be the problem. Older browsers can't handle the latest and greatest code, and so they have trouble loading component files that make up the website you look at.

    How do I choose a new browser? ›

    Select the Start button, and then type Default apps. In the search results, select Default apps. Under Web browser, select the browser currently listed, and then select Microsoft Edge or another browser.

    Is there a better browser than Google? ›

    #1) Firefox

    Best for everyone. It is known to be a secure web browser and one can say it is the best browser for pc. Mozilla Firefox or simply Firefox, although occupies third place in the global market share of browsers, is known to be more secure and faster than the most widely used PC Browser i.e. Chrome.

    Why is Chrome being discontinued? ›

    According to Google's Chromium blog, the decision to end support for Chrome Apps was due to two factors: the relatively low usage of Chrome Apps, and the development of technology making it easier to host applications entirely from the web.

    Is Google discontinuing Chrome? ›

    On January 15, 2020, Google announced that Chrome would begin phasing out support for Chrome Apps completely starting in March 2020, with support for consumers until June 2021 and enterprise until June 2022.

    What happens if you don't update your browser? ›

    The security updates alone are reasons you should always make sure you have the latest version of your browser. Outdated versions of web browsers can open up to serious security flaws that allow malicious websites to read your files, steal passwords, and infect your computer.

    Is it important to keep your browser outdated? ›

    Older web browsers have much less security than the newest. Because of this you're more likely to have hackers gain access to your system, download viruses and malware and even get hold of your credit card details if your browser is outdated.

    Does updating your browser keep you safe? ›

    Keeping your browser updated is essential for it to run smoothly and keep your computer safe and secure. Most browsers release updates to combat issues with phishing attacks, viruses and other malware.

    Does it really matter what browser I choose? ›

    The browser you use has a real impact on your safety online: alongside advertisers tracking your online activity, there are also adversaries who may try to exploit bugs in your browser in order to compromise your entire system (regardless of which browser you do choose, it's always important to ensure you have the ...

    Do you have to pay to update your browser? ›

    Updating Chrome on your Computer is free

    Chrome will automatically update itself every time a new version of Chrome is released.

    Can I have more than one browser on my computer? ›

    Is it safe to run multiple browsers at the same time? Yes. All browsers act independently, allowing you to run multiple browsers at the same time. The only issue you may experience is browsers "fighting" over which should be the default.

    What is my default browser? ›

    The latest Chromebooks and most Android phones come with Chrome set up as the default browser. So, when you click links from third-party apps or websites, your device launches Chrome automatically. You may need to install the browser and open it on devices where it's not preinstalled.

    Which browser is an ideal browser for newcomers to the internet? ›

    Our verdict: Google Chrome is the best web browser

    But Microsoft Edge is an excellent third-place browser that's accessible on nearly all platforms. It's almost as fast as Chrome and Safari and includes a few features that make it stand out against the competition.

    How many browsers are there? ›

    There are four leading web browsers − Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, and Safari, but there are many others browsers available. You might be interested in knowing Complete Browser Statistics.


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